Order NeatSeat Toilet Seat Covers and Dispensers

The NeatSeat disposable toilet seat cover provides a physical barrier between the user and the toilet seat. NeatSeat toilet seat covers are easy to use and disposal is just a flush away as the center die-cut section automatically pulls the cover down the drain. NeatSeat also:

  • Build a positive image for your facility by providing the best in toilet seat covers
  • Keep restrooms cleaner by eliminating the need for improvised toilet seat covers
  • Prevent drain clogs caused by improvised covers made from paper towels and wads of toilet tissue

NeatSeat Dispenser

The scientifically designed NeatSeat dispensers are made of all metal. They are durable, attractive, and come in a variety of finishes and colors to complement any d├ęcor. The dispensers are simple to load and dispense one cover at a time with just a push of the antimicrobial lever.