About NeatSeat Disposable Toilet Seat Covers


Employees, customers, and guests care about cleanliness and hygiene. Aren’t we all concerned about germs? People who use public restrooms have an unspoken desire to avoid direct contact with the toilet seat as it is a potential source of germs and bacteria. Providing NeatSeat disposable toilet seat covers in your restrooms will put everyone at ease and save money. People care, that’s why NeatSeat disposable toilet seat covers are in a growing number of restrooms worldwide.

Boost your image as you reduce maintenance costs.

NeatSeat disposable toilet seat covers not only provide a physical barrier between restroom users and the toilet seat, they:

  • Build a positive image for your facility by providing the best in toilet seat covers
  • Keep restrooms cleaner by eliminating the need for improvised toilet seat covers
  • Prevent drain clogs caused by improvised covers made from paper towels and wads of toilet tissue.

All this, and a durable, attractive, scientifically designed dispenser.

NeatSeat dispensers are sleek, low-profile, and come in a variety of different finishes and colors.

  • Simple to load
  • Hold up to two full pads of NeatSeat disposable toilet seat covers
  • The dispenser can be refilled before it is empty.
  • Dispenses one cover, ready to use, at the push of the lever
  • An antimicrobial “boot” is used to dispense the seat cover once the lever is pushed
  • Durable, all metal construction

“Of the five different brands of toilet seat covers we offer, this product (NeatSeat) is the premium one. Quality of dispenser, quality of paper and quality of packaging make for the best value.”
~ Ojserkis Janitor Supply, New Jersey