What are NeatSeat covers made from?

All NeatSeat covers are cut from 100% recycled, lightweight, machine glazed, white tissue paper with a 20% post-consumer content.

Will they clog our drains?

No. NeatSeat covers are completely water soluble and self-disposing. They will pull themselves down the drain once the toilet is flushed.

Will they cover any size toilet seat?

NeatSeat covers measure 15.5” x 16.5”. Big enough to cover virtually all standard toilet seats.

Do I have to touch the toilet seat to use a NeatSeat toilet seat cover?

No. NeatSeat covers are dispensed one at a time, completely flat and unfolded with no tabs to tear. Simply lay the cover on the seat and flush as usual.

Do we really need protection from toilet seats?

For years studies have indicated that germs and bacteria do survive on toilet seats for as long as four hours. While an infection from such indirect means is rare it can certainly happen. The point is people just are not comfortable sitting directly on a public toilet seat.

What if the toilet seat is wet?

Disposable toilet seat covers are not magical. They are made from tissue paper and will absorb any liquid on the seat. Consider yourself lucky you didn’t sit down and simply flush it away and start with a dry seat.

What do NeatSeat Covers cost?

Actually, very little. For the most part, the only people who will use a toilet seat cover are the people who are already improvising their own. The savings in wasted toilet paper and paper towels will be sufficient to offset the cost.

My employees want me to provide toilet seat covers. What’s the benefit to the Company?

It comes under the heading of industrial and commercial progress. You are simply modernizing your restrooms while bringing your company’s health and hygiene program up-to-date for your employees, customers, and guests.