NeatSeat Disposable Toilet Seat Covers

This is the revolutionary disposable toilet seat cover system that satisfies the public's concerns for restroom cleanliness and personal hygiene. NeatSeat disposable toilet seat covers make maintaining restrooms much easier and more cost-efficient. Having NeatSeat toilet seat covers in the restrooms will help provide customers and staff with the best experience possible.

  • NeatseatPromotes Sanitization: provides a protective barrier between the individual and the toilet seat.
  • Efficient: Dispenses one at a time with just a flick of the finger
  • Easy-To-Use: No tugging, tearing or unfolding required. Goes right from the dispenser to the toilet seat.
  • Simple Disposal: Center section is die cut and automatically pulls the NeatSeat cover down the drain once the toilet is flushed.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Completely water soluble, safe for all plumbing systems.

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