Why Your Company Needs NeatSeat Disposable Toilet Seat Covers


Nobody expects your public restroom to be as clean as their home bathroom, but they do expect some level of cleanliness and sanitation. While actually contracting a disease from a public toilet seat is very rare, the real issue is the “ick” factor. The real issue is what people are comfortable with.

You can’t always control the minute-by-minute cleanliness of your bathroom seats, but you can offer patrons a solution. Providing them with a sanitary option can go a long way with building a positive company image. Even customers don’t always use them, they can take notice of your efforts and feel ensured that you are taking extra measures to promote sanitation and address customer’s concerns.

The Sanitor NeatSeat disposable toilet seat covers provide a physical barrier between restroom users and the toilet seats and easily flush themselves as the toilet flushes, meaning that zero contact with the toilet seat is made. Aside from the obvious use, there are other benefits in choosing NeatSeat for your first choice in disposable toilet seat covers:

  • The paper is made from 100% recycled, lightweight, machine glazed, white tissue paper and are completely water soluble—there is no risk that they will clog the drain. However, when guests don’t have a toilet seat cover option, they can use wads of toilet paper and sometimes even paper towel—things that certainly have a high risk of clogging.
  • NeatSeats are big enough to cover virtually any toilet seat that you will be using in your restroom, measuring in at 15.5” by 16.5”.
  • And when it comes to cost, you’ll find that is very little. Not only is the product fairly inexpensive, but once guests are no longer using extra toilet paper, your added cost maybe be virtually cancelled out by the savings you will have in paper products. Typically, the consumers using the NeatSeat are the ones that are already using toilet paper or paper towel as a substitute.
  • The NeatSeat dispensers are sleek, come in a variety of styles, and are easy to load. They hold up to two full pads of seat covers, allowing you to refill it before it’s empty. Plus because they are made from a completely metal construction, they are durable and built to last.
  • Ojerkis Janitor Supply in New Jersey said that out of the 5 brands of covers they offer, NeatSeat is the “premium one” due to the “quality of dispenser, quality of paper, and quality of packaging.”

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