Qtowels: The Multi-Purpose, Everyday Paper Towel

Qtowels There are numerous uses and functions for Qtowels. Whether it wiping off your pet’s paws after a walk; working on the car in the garage; cleaning dental tools while examining teeth; or wiping the countertops - Qtowels get the job done.

Qtowels are made up of a single layer of durable paper toweling. Any task folded or rolled paper towels might be used for, Qtowels can perform it better. Because of Qtowels unique texture, they do not breakdown or pill like quilted and folded paper towels do. Like newspaper, Qtowels are ideal for cleaning mirrors and windows because they do not leave paper particles all over the glass after each wipe. Qtowels are an excellent alternative to rags, old newspaper, and wash cloths. Plus, once you’re done, just throw them away.

Here are some of the various uses for Qtowels:

  • The Home: cleaning and blotting up spills; taking care of pet messes; washing windows and mirrors; wiping off tables and counters; washing and drying dishes; and they can serve as an emergency disposable coffee filter. 
  • The Office:  great for the break room; covering food in the microwave; or as a hand towel in the bathroom.
  • Medical Office: A sanitary towel for laying utensils and equipment on; cleaning off equipment; or drying hands
  • Veterinary Practice: Cleaning up animal messes; cleaning paws; or lining cage catchers and kennels
  • The Garage: Great for wiping oil off of a dipstick; handling greasy engine parts; or catching leaking engine fluids

The Unique & Practical Qtowels Dispenser

You only need the touch of a finger to dispense a Qtowel. They dispense one at a time and are flat, unfolded, and ready to go.  The lever is embedded with an antimicrobial agent to help control the growth of bacteria, including bacteria for staph and e-coli. This unique feature creates a key benefit in environments where protection against bacterial infection is a concern, such as the warm, damp atmospheres of restrooms or a doctor’s office. Made from durable, high-impact styrene plastic, this sleek dispenser will fit anywhere; kitchens, garages, medical examining rooms, or janitor’s closets.

  • Mounts easily in one step.
  • Simple to load.
  • Sleek, low-profile design 
  • Five designer colors to fit any décor.
  • Antimicrobial lever inhibits the growth of bacteria